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» » We are Different in ISO 14001: 2015 EMS Revision

We are Different in ISO 14001: 2015 EMS Revision

The Environmental Management System standard has been revised in September 2015 due to the deficiencies and most important of the current applications not meeting the requirements of the day. Organizations have been granted three years to adapt to this new system and have been required to complete their revisions by September 2018.

We closely follow the latest developments in the system, additionally it is easy for us to undestand beacuse of the experiences we gained for years as CEDFEM. We have completed our preparations in this regard with our applications and trainings immediately after the outline of the system is issued . We are receiving pozitive feedback from organizations we serve in this matter.

Within the scope of revision of Environmental Management System, we provide training and consultancy services to the organizations in different sectors.

Our training and consulting services are mainly given in practice. Sectoral requirements, legal applications, developments in the global sense are taken into consideration.

To summarize, we do not read the standard.
We say we are DIFFERENT!

6-11-2017, 13:15 / News

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