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How Much Energy Is Our Cost?

One of the most important items that make up the costs is the energy costs without any doubt. So while it is vital to reduce costs, how much we pay attention to energy costs. How are we in terms of information and physical conditions?

The most important factor to increase profitability in developing market conditions is to reduce production costs. Energy costs are an important factor in production costs. It is also important not to forget the damage to nature for energy production. In this context, studies conducted on behalf of energy efficiency cause direct production costs to decrease. However, organizations cannot achieve success due to reasons such as lack of consciousness, physical deficiencies in the field of production, lack of information in energy-affected employees.

In particular, activities to improve the physical conditions and to eliminate the lack of knowledge in employees gain importance. Our organization has adopted the principle of increasing its competence to help organizations that serve this area. As CEDFEM, we participated in applied "ENERGY EFFICIENCY EDUCATION" organized by BUTEKOM and learnt about the applications in this area.

In trainings on energy efficiency subject; legislations, energy management, ISO 50001 management systems, the losses experienced in application laboratories, lighting systems, steam boilers, pumps and pressure systems are explained example applications.
6-11-2017, 13:25 / News

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