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Our organization started its activities as CEDFEM Engineering LLC in 2003 as an Environmental Laboratory unit and in 2006 became a separate legal entity with the title of Cedfem Environmental Analysis LLC.

Cedfem Environmental Analysis LLC has been making all the analyzes and measurements in the fields of environment, operational health and safety and continues to work in this field.

Our organization, which maintains its activities in line with the requirements of TSE EN ISO 17025 Quality System, has accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK) for its services and has the Proficiency Certificate by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

All measurements and analyzes are carried out in accordance with the internationally accepted standards and methods with ensured traceability.

  • Quality Policy

      Keeping the quality of the measurements at best in service that we give to our customers as experts in this field in our country as well as in abroad,

      Carrying out the measurements with our expert staff and technologically sufficient devices in accordance with our country and ininternational standards, methods and customer requirements,

      Ensuring that all of our employees are well-educated in implementing, maintaining and improving our Quality Management System, which is prepared in the frame of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard. In addition, making certain the continuity of the training for this purpose.

      Keeping the Cedfem Environmental Analysis laboratory and its employees away from any commercial, financial and other pressures that might affect technical decisions, also always keeping our impartiality by not engaging in any activity that could endanger the trust and confidence in laboratory decision-making independence. Keeping all the information about our customers with the principle of "privacy".

  • Objectives

      - Being an adequate organization in terms of resources

      - Keep customer complaints at a minimum level

      - Adhere to the planned time period

      - Prevent measurement cessations due to faults

      - keeping the measurement inappropriateness at zero

      - reduce measurement uncertainties to the minimum

      - Increase type of measurement parameters

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