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Physical Effect Measurements

Business hygiene Measurement and Analysis

In the Law on Occupational Health and Safety No. 6331 on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and in the European Parliament Directive, it is aimed to eliminate the health and safety risks that employees may experience as a result of negative factors. For this reason, it is necessary to determine the degree of exposure and the necessary precautions as well as the adverse effects workers are exposed to. Necessary measurements should be made and renewed periodically. Periods of measurements should be determined by the risk analysis performed in the institutions. In risk analysis, additional machinery, facilities and staff exchanges should be taken into account. Another point to be taken into consideration is the comparing the result determined in the measurements with the limit value. Measurement periods must be tightened for near or near limit values.

ÇEDFEM Environmental Analysis LLC has been carrying out business hygiene measurement and analysis with expert personnel and equipment since 2003. Regulations on labor hygiene measurement, test and analysis laboratories which will carry out job hygiene measurement and analysis have been obliged to obtain qualification certificate from the ministry. Within the scope of this regulation, our laboratory is continuing its measurement and analysis with the certificate of qualification on 19.09.2014.

Occupational Hygiene-Physical Effect Measurements

Physical factors do not significantly change the chemical composition of the working environment, on the other hand, unusual temperature, humidity, air movement and pressure, electromagnetic and ionizing radiation (X-rays, microwaves, infrared and radio waves), noise, vibration, lighting are factors that change the condition in normal and healthy life.

Physical effect measurements are made in accordance with the methods given in the Work Hygiene Measurement, Test and Analysis Proficiency Document. The regulations, guidelines and standards used in the evaluation of the measurement results are given below.
  • Regulation on the Health and Safety Measures to be Taken in Workplace Buildings and Attachments for Thermal Comfort Measurements
  • For lighting measurements; TS EN 12464-1 for indoor environments, TS EN 12464-2 standards for outdoor environments and regulation on health and safety precautions to be taken in workplace buildings
  • For noise measurements; Regulation on Protection of Employees from Noise Risks
  • For vibration measurements; Regulation on the Protection of Employees from Vibration-Related Risks
  • Electromagnetic Field; Protection of the Environment and Public Health from the Negative Effects of Non-Ionizing Radiation, regulation on the Measures to be Taken, and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)

  • Parameters

      Magnetic Field Measurements
      * Personal noise exposure
      * Ambient Noise Measurements
      * Thermal Comfort Measurement
      * Lighting Measurement
      * All Body Vibration Exposure Metering
      * Hand-Arm Vibration Exposure Measurement

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