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Method change in silica measurements

The authorization parameter determination dust free silica concentration " NIOSH NMAM 7601: SILICA, CRYSTALLINE, by VIS " reference method has been removed.

Reference method "NIOSH NMAM 7601: SILICA, CRYSTALLINE, by VIS" which is authorized under the specification of the free silica concentration in the powder has been removed from use by an amendment made by the Institute on 15 July 2017.

For this reason, the Directorate of Research and Development of Occupational Health and Safety will not authorize the disposal of free silica in dust as of 01/12/2018.

The laboratories were given a period of time until 01.12.2018 in order to obtain competence as an accreditation from alternative methods.

In addition to NIOSH NMAM 7601 method, our laboratory is one of the few laboratories accredited under the MDHS 101 method.

The measurements performed for our institutions will not have to be repeated because we use the MDHS 101 method.
4-01-2018, 15:03 / news

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