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CEDFEM Engineering Services & Consulting LLC;

Purpose of establishment; under the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations enacted in 1993 in Turkey, the preparation of the EIA report and to provide consulting services for the project owners.

CEDFEM is one of the first company authorized by the Ministry of Environment in 1994 in Turkey.

With the experience we gained since 1994, our company offers environmental consultancy services to the firms and facilities.

Our activities started with the preparation of EIA Reports and consultancy services such as all legal permissions of facilities and continued with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System consultancy services, waste management, soil conservation projects, ecological reports, greenhouse gas calculations, carbon footprint studies, extraction of Biodiversity Inventory, IPARD grant projects.

CEDFEM Engineering Services operates in three different locations in Turkey; Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa.

  • Our Vision

      We are one of the first environmental consulting company through the country who are working for the protection of the environment in the framework of law, and planning the methods of achieving the sustainable environmental targets of the customers.

      Anticipating the needs of our customers in the direction of our technical and strategic experiences and competencies, and developing strategic plans according to these needs is our priority. We apply the most advanced and high standards in the sector. Our company support professional activities with the aim of sustainable environment.

  • Our Mission

      We provide clear, understandable, innovative and harmonious solutions based on the needs and objectives of our customers in the fields of science and engineering within the scope of environmental legislation with the aid of our working team who are well educated in specific field of environmental studies.

      We look for opportunities to reduce environmental impacts, develop appropriate methods for human health and sustainable environment, and present all these methods to our customers.

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