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ZDHC Chemical Management System Training

By way of Greenpeace's DETOKS campaign, well-known companies in the textile industry have begun signing the Zero Hazardous Waste Zero Discharge (ZDHC) commitment, which is targeted until 2020, in order to end the release of harmful chemical substances into the environment. In ZDHC, it is expected to ban the use of 11 chemical substances from 2020 to ensure safer use of chemical substances throughout the entire lifetime of the clothing and footwear products, including home textile products. Committed Marks include: Adidas, Benetton, Burberry, C & A, Canepa, Coop, Esprit, G-Star Raw, H & M, Levis, Lidl, Li-Ning, M & S, Mango, Nike, Primark, Puma, REWE Group, Tchibo, Uniqlo , Valentino, Victoria's Secret, Zara, etc.

Within the scope of Zero Release of Harmful Chemicals, trainings are given to facility authorities who want to establish ZDHC Chemical Management System from the top of the supply chain to the disposal of waste.

17-11-2017, 11:34 / Education

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