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Eco-Label Consultancy

The eco-label system, established by the European Council of Ministers' Regulation 880 of 23 March 1992, is a system established for the preparation and dissemination of various environmental labels in member states of the European Union (EU). This system is a sustainability policy aimed at reducing the adverse effects of a product or service on the environment, health, climate and natural resources during the life cycle, from raw material extraction to production including distribution and disposal. The eco-label indicates that production and consumption activities with high environmental standards are respectful to the environment.

Firms that implement tag criteria, have the edges over entering the international marketplace and increase the profitability and reputation of the company by finding ways to optimize production processes. For consumers, it is more reliable to know that eco-friendly products or services are both environmentally friendly and of good quality.

As ÇEDFEM, we provide consultancy services to organizations about eco-labeling processes, firstly on their own processes and then on the life cycle chain. In addition, the procedure is followed by the legal procedures related to the process.

17-11-2017, 11:39 / Consultancy

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