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Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring Studies

Biodiversity is the sum of the genes, species and ecosystems in a region, that is, all of our biological resources. In the fields of agriculture, pharmacy, medicine, animal husbandry, forestry, fishery and industry, providing clean water and air, preventing erosion while supporting the environment and the ecosystem, it also provides profit to the country. Turkey taking 9th place in the world in terms of biological and is very important in terms of being the homeland for many plants. However, especially the rapid development of the industry and the introduction of many harmful substances in an uncontrolled manner have led to the pollution of the environment and the deterioration of natural balance. This causes the species to disappear individually or collectively.

In our country, legislations have been developed in order to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and have become a party to a number of international conventions. Within the framework of our national legislation, the "National Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring Project", the inventory and monitoring of biological diversity projects have started to be carried out at the branch offices of Forestry and Water Works (Nature Conservation and National Parks) Regional Directorates.

As ÇEDFEM Engineering, we carry out Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring Projects in cooperation with our experts and academicians in the Ministry Directorates and Branch Offices.

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