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Environmental Law Consultancy

The increasing number of international contracts, environmental issues, environmental awareness, and processes that affect the environment have enabled us to have a lot of environmental legislation in national and local terms. It is very difficult for industrialists to follow the Environment Law and many regulations and reports related to this law and to comply with the regulations.

Among these difficulties, legislation contains heavy penalties and sanctions, and the fact that the institutions cannot tolerate the loss of image which may result in legal sanctions increases the interest.

Nowadays it is possible to manage this process effectively but only by combining process knowledge, legislation knowledge and legal knowledge. Yet, Environmental Law and related lawsuits are very new issues for our country.

Our company has been providing technical support for the legal processes of legal sanctions since 25 years by combining the experience of providing environmental legislation with the environmental knowledge of the lawyers and meeting the legal sanctions against the customers.

The legal sanctions are first analyzed in terms of procedural aspect and then the legal aspects. Institutions are always up to date and technically informed about the procedure.

17-11-2017, 11:38 / Consultancy

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