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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Reports

One of the most important reference instruments in the outsourced financing of environmental investments is the Environmental and Social Impact Analysis Report prepared in the format of International Finance Organizations (IFO).

Today, it is not at all possible to start and maintain the progeny and, in particular, large-scale investments at all scales, regardless of human, environmental and global balances. Responsible organizations in all sectors are also acting with the awareness that they are part of a global touch as well as an effort to maintain their relations with their close neighbors seamlessly.

The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment process is a systematic process that assesses and assesses the impact of a progeny in physical, biological, cultural and socioeconomic aspects. This process is followed by the setting of appropriate mitigation measures to prevent, mitigate, ameliorate, compensate, or compensate for adverse effects associated with the structure and scale of the project.

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