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Environmental Legislation Training

The pace of change on Earth is truly dizzying. This change in every aspect is also experienced in business life. The new incidence of environmental awareness further increases the rate of change compared to the others. These environmental changes are also reflected in environmental legislation and new legislation is added as well as changes in existing ones. When you cannot keep up with all the changes, the system throws you out and big problems await you when you are out of the system.

Organizations must be aware of the legal requirements that arise from their area, processes, products, services, employees, and customers. The multiplicity of legislation in this area and the lack of knowledge on implementation, increase the need for training. This training contains information about the environmental legislation required by the government, waste management, greenhouse applications, carbon footprints, etc.

In this matter, ÇEDFEM makes a difference with its trainings for implementation in the field of Environmental Legislation, which has been practiced for many years.

17-11-2017, 11:37 / Education

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