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Water Footprint Consulting

Using natural resources in the world is the biggest indicator of how we will affect our future. Increasing evidence for climate change suggests that in the future the rainfall regime will change drastically, becoming more unstable and critical. The water footprint is a display for water consumption that considers water consumption directly and indirectly together with well-defined consumers (individual, family, village, city, country) and producers (public or private sector). For producers, it refers to the total amount of water used in all production and consumption processes. Water use is measured by the amount of water consumed (including evaporation) and / or contaminated water. Turkey might be in the water-poor country list in the future caused by the activities deteriorated the nature. Therefore, preventing the pollution of the country's water resources, determining the virtual and total water consumption per production and consumption, and determining the water footprints is the biggest step in water management.

17-11-2017, 11:42 / Consultancy

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