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Carbon Footprint Consulting

People are leaving a trace in the world as a result of the consumption and production activities they have carried out with the aim of surviving their lives. Increasing fossil fuel consumption, especially after the industrial revolution, has brought many environmental problems together. The unit is measured in terms of carbon dioxide in transportation, heating, electricity consumption, etc. of the institution or individual as the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its activities. The carbon footprint is the concrete counterpart in natural life, global warming, climate change and the deterioration of the natural life balance. The lifestyle we prefer, the products we consume, have a significant impact on the amount of carbon footprint.

Corporate carbon footprint calculations are important for customer and investor demand, International marketing advantage, corporate image, participation in EU Emissions trading mechanisms, social responsibility and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in sustainable environment. Developing climate change strategies will give businesses the opportunity to identify and understand the risks they face in this context while at the same time allowing them to evaluate some of the new market or product opportunities arising from the low carbon economy.

17-11-2017, 11:43 / Consultancy

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