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DETOX in Textile Products

Research has revealed the presence of a range of toxic chemicals contained in a wide range of different textile products. These substances are confused as unintentional residues which arise intentionally from the materials used in the production. As a result, the harmful substances may be released outdoors at any stage of the life cycle of the products. The first area where these wastes will go would be the waterways, so there are some areas that need to be protected. These wastes may arise at local production plants or may be mixed with water systems by the washing water after the purchase of chemical containing products. The increase in the number of manufactured and sold products caused by the apparel craze reveals the pollution problem created by toxic, permanent and bioaccumulative chemicals.

By way of Greenpeace's DETOKS campaign, big companies with a say in the textile industry have begun signing the Zero Hazardous Waste Zero Discharge (ZDHC) commitment, which is targeted until 2020, in order to end the release and release of harmful chemical substances into the environment. In this context, it is expected to ban the use of 11 chemical substances by 2020 to ensure safer use of chemical substances throughout the entire lifetime of the clothing and footwear products, including home textile products. Committed brands include: Adidas, Benetton, Burberry, C & A, Canepa, Coop, Esprit, G-Star Raw, H & M, Levis, Lidl, Li-Ning, M & S, Mango, Nike, Primark, Puma, REWE Group, Tchibo, Uniqlo, Valentino, Victoria's Secret, Zara. etc.

All companies that produce or supply products to the above-mentioned organizations will be affected and controlled in this situation.
If you do not comply, you have to be prepared for this situation which means loss of work.
6-11-2017, 13:20 / News

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